translated from Spanish: Los Bronces Union rejects dismissal of 180 workers: ‘We don’t know the ineptitude of the executives’

A 180 of its workers and supervisors split yesterday Minera Los Bronces, owned by Anglo American.
In total, the layoffs represent around 8% of the endowment of the mine.
Through a letter sent by the Vice-President of resources human from Anglo American copper, Alejandro Mena, explained that the action responds to the transformation process affecting the operation. «This is a complex decision that we must take as a company within the framework of the urgent transformation that requires the Los Bronces operation,» he said.
«The project of transformation of bronzes, will allow to be maintained in line with active portfolio that has defined the group, avoiding installed permanently at the top of the cost curve,» argued Mena in the letter.
Vice President of human resources concludes saying that «it will be a difficult day for everyone, however have the certainty that this decision is the result of a finished analysis, where has been priority concern and respect for people who must leave the» company».
Workers respond to this situation, the Trade Union of workers N ° 2 de Los Bronces, he categorically rejected acting company to the mass dismissal of 180 mining colleagues in the operation.
«As an organization that represents about 1000 miners of the operation, do not understand the ineptitude and lack of ‘executives and managements’ ability to prevent the loss of an unreasonable number of sources of employment, especially when numbers have been shown» positive in the production of copper last year, background pointing a boost about 15% in production, showing the right time that passes the company, outside other million-dollar investments that have been made in machinery and infrastructure», point to through a press release.
«Today, once again they are our workers and their families, those who suffer the consequences of a number of bad decisions, leading to uncertainty and instability in moments in which the labor rates in the country, are not the best», they added.
Workers ask the company transparent processes of restructuring and to argue with facts, that split with 180 partners is really necessary.
In addition, ask their bases staying attentive to actions that, as Trade Union are going to take, «in order to demonstrate to the company that with the rights of workers is not played, and that the trade union organization will face this situation with strength and support of their» bases».

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