translated from Spanish: Nuances and gestures: Frei brothers separately valued historical failure of the Madrid judge

With statements at two different points, with Eduardo Frei Ruiz-Tagle in the Frei Montalva Foundation, and her sister, former Sen. Carmen Frei alongside the Christian Democrats at the party headquarters, the family of the murdered former President goes Parrot the historic ruling of the Minister Alejandro Madrid by the assassination of his father after 16 years of research.
Both speeches were emotional, but both were also marked the nuances with which the two brothers reacted to this judicial step of orchestrated crime in full dictatorship of Pinochet, 37 years ago. «Read the failure is a blow, but the battle to establish the full truth does not stop here,» said the former President, accompanied by his wife, former Ministers, and the former President Ricardo Lagos Escobar.
The former President, visibly excited, read a statement that stressed that the mission will now be «know the political responsibilities will be our next task», which are running to the authorities of the Government of the time, in reference to the dictatorship military of Augusto Pinochet.
Frei made a public recognition and he expressed his «gratitude and appreciation» to the work of Minister Madrid, betting on who the next judicial steps, both in the Court of appeals and the Supreme Court, they will ratify the decision of the judge who sentenced to 6 people to between 3 and 10 years by their varying degrees of responsibility in the case.
The former President also had words for his family, noting its appreciation in the first place to his sister María Irene, the first who signed the complaint that we present the chemical of the DINA Eugenio Berríos.
But it did not mention Carmen Frei, indicating that it has complied a «great role in this process», since the first concrete evidence and when public opinion «said it was a fitting, an invention of the family». «There Carmen Frei always manifested itself with great righteousness and strength», said.

However, his sister did not mention it. After his speech, at the headquarters of the DC prepared the official discourse of the party. There, Carmen Frei was the main speaker.
There, he emphasized in his speech at the responsibility of the dictatorship after this assassination, accused the «Pact of silence» that wove the army in this and other cases, and also had words to acknowledge the work of the relatives of victims of the dictatorship Ana González and Sola Sierra, with whom he agreed this tireless quest for truth and justice.
«Everyone in this country must condemn all violations to human rights, without any ambiguity, and without resorting to any context that would justify it», she said emphatically.
Carmen Frei noted that «is the only assassination in the history of Chile, one of the darkest periods of our past in the dictatorship, human rights violations».
«Nothing of what happened was accidental or the result of chance.» «The regime decided that you had to delete it (to Frei Montalva) because it is an extremely dangerous figure for them», said the former Senator. For Carmen Frei, the ruling of the judge Madrid is a historical fact: «my father deserves to rest in peace and I think that today is resting».
The President of the Christian Democrats, Fuad Chahín, who preceded the former Senator in his speech expressed in this line. «» This ruling changes the history of Chile, changes the way in which the story will be told, because it got to the limit order to assassinate a former President of the Republic because it posed a threat «to the dictatorship of the time», he stressed.
Wave of solidarity Minister Madrid ruling unleashed a wave of solidarity in all sectors. From the pro-Government village, the first to react was the RN Senator Manuel José Ossandón, who stressed that the condemnation of the Minister Madrid represents a «consolation for a sad fact, a crime dictatorship, by thinking different, driven by an ideology that not» «we would like to see more in Chile #justicia».
Later, it was the turn of President Sebastián Piñera. From your holiday in la Araucania, the President Tweet: «after 16 years, judge Madrid determined that death of the pending Frei Montalva was homicide.» We condemn this killing with indignation and express heartfelt condolences to his family and to the PDC. We collaborate with the search for truth and justice introducing criminal complaint on our 1st gob.»
In opposition, put your finger in the sore in the responsibilities of the dictatorship and the right relationship with the regime. This was expressed by the President of the Senate, the Socialist Carlos Montes, by ensuring that the sentence «forces that right should re-think its position on what was the dictatorship». For its part, the Communist Member of Parliament and human rights, Carmen Hertz, a lawyer said that with the ruling «the murder of the former Edward Pdte test miserably FRY Montalva by agents of the dictatorship, doctors and employees of the CNI.» What will I say today the political sector that endorsed and applauded the policy of extermination? Do try to draw policy pathetic and ruin.»
PDP Senators pointed to the «action of intelligence of the Pinochet dictatorship» behind the murder of Frei, so took advantage of highlighting the «courage of the politician who questioned head-on and without ambiguity both plebiscite»fraud»of» 1980 as all hint of legitimacy of the dictatorship». For the former presidential candidate, Alejandro Guillier, meanwhile, «the assassination of President Eduardo Frei Montalva was the work of the worst dictatorship that has never been our homeland. Hard-hitting judgment of judge Madrid leaves no room for doubt «.
In the PPD also dedicated words of solidarity particularly with the daughter of the President, and honored the «tireless struggle of Carmen Frei», while Guido Girardi had the former Senator DC special words «nape dissuaded in his desire for justice».
In the same vein, Socialist Sen. Isabel Allende Bussi, said that the «word justice in the case of the former President Eduardo Frei Montalva has name and surname: Carmen Frei who fought for years for q’ opened the truth step and today justice.» A hug for her and her family. Never more in Chile political assassinations! «.»
In turn, the former President Ricardo Lagos Escobar said that «it is an unusual event in the history of Chile. Augusto Pinochet is the responsible for this assassination. Let us not forget that the military regime was not only composed of military. In January of 1982 there were many civilians in senior positions of Government.» Lagos also made recognition of the work of the Minister in charge of the investigation, noting that the «judge Madrid make it justice to justice in Chile, because justice has not always been to the challenges».
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