translated from Spanish: Police CDMX and State of Mexico begin operating public transport

the Governments of the State of Mexico and city of Mexico presented the Metropolitan program against theft to public transport, with which both Governments will work together, by First, in coordination with the Ministry of security and citizen protection (SSP) to suppress this crime.
At joint press conference, the Governor of the State of Mexico, Alfredo del Mazo Maza and the head of Government of CDMX, Claudia Sheinbaum, unveiled the details of the security program, which among other things includes the monitoring through chambers of Security and permanent overhaul of public transport units.
The Mexican President reported that between the two administrations will have a high degree of “communication, coordination, exchange of information, frequencies, and presence of our police in both entities, even allowing the crossing of boundaries” territorial between one and another entity if it is chasing the offender and this safe that this will lead to better results”.
Mallet added that the security operation will be permanent, but that three months after initiating, an analysis that shows its efficiency will become.
He also made an invitation to the transport routes of Mexico City and Mexico State to join setup of video surveillance cameras to inhibit the assaults, and get a better response by the authorities.
The Governor of the State of Mexico currently there is city of Mexico personnel working at State command centers, also joint operations are conducted from monitoring and surveillance.
Meanwhile, Claudia Sheinbaum requested the understanding of the population because of the discomfort that could represent to be reviewed during their transfers, action which, he added, is essential to reduce the crime incidence on public transport.
The head of Government stressed that the results of the programme to three months of its implementation, will be compared with the same period in 2018 to verify their results.
He stressed that there will be a complete coordination between the two Governments to avoid that criminals escape across boundaries of Mexico City and Mexico State.
Finally the Secretary of security and citizen protection of the Government of Mexico, Alfonso Durazo, said that this initiative joins other combat-related crimes affecting the population.
The official requested the Federal Police contribute “no bargaining” for successful this program; “we want to prove that unreserved cooperation is possible and that coordination is the success of any initiative to combat insecurity.”
According to data presented by the Governor of the State of Mexico 15 million people are transported between the city of Mexico and its entity, which amounts to approximately 34 million trips a day.
With information from Notimex. 
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