translated from Spanish: They dismiss Gissela: “that justice does not allow to happen to another woman the same”

once more a family mourns a murdered woman. On this occasion, unfortunately touched the family Solís Street this Wednesday 30 dismissed the remains of Gissela, the 47 year old dentist disappeared in La Plata 15 days ago and whose body was found buried in the black road, between Villa Elisa and Punta Lara.Luego of practiced autopsy, the body was transferred directly to the Park of glory, in the area of El Pato, where he was cremated. At 15:30 began the mass of farewell, which was attended by loved ones of Gissela, who attended with a white candle and umbrella.

“While the announcement of the mass was made this morning, Mariela and Robert, brothers of the honoree, highlighted the great concurrence:”people have left work to come”.” It would have been worse to not find it, because there had been no consolation for my parents. We must not now. I hope that God has it in its glory”, said Mariela on his sister.

Was there an accomplice?
Preliminary results from the autopsy not yielded conclusive answers about the cause of death. Faced with this panorama, Mariela Solis Street ventured: “in 15 days we will give the final results (of the autopsy). Seems to us that there is someone who has had to accompany (to Abel Casimiro Campos, the murderer) “.” His brother agreed with this position: “If they ask me to me, Yes, I think that behind something that will be decanted under its own weight”.

Holding a picture of Gissela, Mariela said: “this is my sister Gissela smile. It is a pity to lose it. Look at and remember it. Justice not allow protocol to another woman again to pass the same”.

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