translated from Spanish: Venezuela: thousands of people took to the streets in favor of guided

in the middle of an institutional crisis without precentes, with two Presidents who are considered equally legitimate and the international community support to one or the other, Venezuelans vol they looked to go summoned by Juan Guaidó. 

“With the same dye that last week, where the young opposition leader to chavism is self proclaimed President, most of the States of the Caribbean country were full of people asking for free elections, a transitional Government and an end of the” usurpation of Maduro”.” Guided with every manifestation citizen we are approaching our earned freedom and urgent humanitarian aid”, wrote in his Twitter account. 

We call upon all military professionals who work in our diplomatic missions, who believe in the force of reason and the instructions, that responsibility to value freedom and democracy. #AsambleaVE-National Assembly (@AsambleaVE) January 30, 2019 this afternoon, the President of the Venezuelan National Assembly received a call from the American President, Donald Trump, who ratified him its full support. Opposition aims to ensure that the military withdraw their support to ripe and, with this adverse scenario, ends by giving. The military force is the only one that responds to the current President. 

Chavez’s supporters, however, also raised his voice and mainly in the State of Falcon, but also in Bolivar, mobilized against “the coup” that considered is underway by the trio guided-USA-Colombia.El President of the constituent Assembly, Diosdado Cabello, summoned a new pro-government demonstration on Saturday, when the opponents will also return to the streets. A way out through dialogue Mexico and Uruguay, one of the few countries that were neutral in the conflict, called for a dialogue with both parties to find a diplomatic solution to the conflict. They invited representatives of both sectors to a Conference on February 7 in Montevideo.

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