translated from Spanish: After Chase police captured an alleged robacoches in Zamora, Michoacán

home security chase after police captured an alleged robacoches in Zamora, Michoacán Zamora, Michoacan.-after a Chase Police arrested a subject that apparently belongs to a gang of robacarros which operates in the region, their accomplices were able to run, said official voices.
According to the information obtained, on Wednesday requested the support of the Michoacan police and also the municipal, every time there was a Chase from Tangancicuaro, where a pickup truck had been stolen.
During the police operation, the soldiers managed to stop the vehicle hurtado, one of the Nissan brand, feed type, model 1997, white with red, with plates MT-7156-K, Michoacán.
The unit was braked in the Zamora-Carapan road, at the height of the Beltway South intersection and the colony Ex Hacienda del Refugio in this city.
there was arrested the alleged robber, name Vicente S., originally from the city of Morelia, but neighbor of the municipality of Uruapan, where confessed to being part of a cell dedicated to the theft of vehicles and operates in different municipalities of Michoacán, in addition He mentioned that his accomplices were given flight in a sedan car.
truck stolen along with the offending course were entered before the Regional Public Prosecutor of Justice, authority which will be responsible for investigations of this case.

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