translated from Spanish: Agustín Rossi: «Macri is an essentially corrupt government»

who at the time will seek the Presidency of the Argentina in the upcoming elections, something that ignored when Cristina Kirchner to be candidate, referred to the national situation l and the need to reach consensus since the opposition Mauricio Macri.En this sense, Rossi raised the possibility of incorporating its former Minister of Interior and transport during the Kirchner, Florencio Randazzo.» We have a wide look with all leaders. I in particular with Florencio, have a close relationship, personal appreciation and a positive look on it, regardless of not sharing their latest political decisions», said the former Defense Minister.
«I believe that unity in the opposition, if opposition manages to go with a single representation can win first round» Similarly, understands that it is necessary to let the personality of side: «there is a sector of politicians who seem more concerned with mark differences with us being with the ruling party, the truth is that the one that favors you that Macri», said the Deputy. Asked about the nomination of Roberto Lavagna, did not rule out inclusion in the proposed opposition posed when Kirchner: «to us since the opposition we will not overrun nothing. If Lavagna decides to take on a role more leadership, more active, welcome. Obviously if there are political differences can use the mechanism of the step».

At the same time, referred to the Decree of necessity and urgency (DNU) signed by Mauricio Macri on the extinction of domain and its eventual legislative treatment: «until February 13 there is time for the Commission to meet. It will surely meet and there will be two opinions. One who will endorse the DNU and another that will clearly reject».» This DNU, take early will be declared unconstitutional. The truth is that Macri is an essentially corrupt government «ultimately, the legislator said since your block ‘will raise the rates freeze’.»

«In extraordinary it will be very difficult that we can treat it because the issues that the executive powers are treated. Yes we will treat the first regular sessions from March 1», said the Deputy. With respect to interruptions in the power supply, the former defence Minister was blunt: «what they showed all this power outage is the tariff restructuring what it meant is a recomposition of the rate of profit of enterprises.» What we feel is that a huge business of those who are friends of the President there is», concluded Rossi.En this note:

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