translated from Spanish: Amid opposition protests in Venezuela, Trump called guided A

through his Twitter account, the President of the National Assembly of Venezuela and self-proclaimed «President charge» of that country, Juan Guaidó, thanked the support received via telephone by Donald Trump.

Thank you for the call of the President of the United States, Donald Trump @realDonaldTrump, who reiterated full support for our democratic work, commitment to humanitarian aid and recognition of his administration to our Presidency (E).-Juan Guaidó) @jguaido) January 30, 2019 according to spokesmen from the White House, Trump spoke with guided to congratulate him on his «historical assumption to the Presidency» and strengthen its «strong support for the struggle of Venezuela» to recover its democracy. They added that both agreed to keep a «regular communication» to support Venezuela road towards stability and to rebuild the bilateral relationship. United States and 30 other countries recognized guided as President while others, such as Russia and China, maintained their support to Nicolas Maduro and criticized foreign in Venezuela.Las interference leading powers of Europe, for its part, pushed to Ripe to convene elections in a period of eight days, if not anticipated that they would recognize the legitimacy of guided as President. However, Maduro reiterated today in an interview with the Russian news agency RIA Novosti their rejection of «ultimatum and blackmail» to convene Presidential elections, given that it defends the legitimacy of the elections that were held last May.
these votes were not recognized by the opposition, which did not participate, and by most of the international community. Venezuela lives another day of tension Wednesday in the streets with demonstrations and pickets organized by opposition to Maduro. The protests are multiplying in the main cities of the country. In this note:

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