translated from Spanish: Approves IMSS incorporation program

city of Mexico domestic workers-the technical Council of the IMSS yesterday approved the pilot program for the incorporation of the domestic workers, presented by Germán Martínez, director of the Agency. The official said that with the decision to observe the ruling of the Supreme Court of Justice of the nation, received formally yesterday, secure in the compulsory scheme to workers and home workers. This affiliation ensures them access to medical, pharmaceutical, obstetrical, hospital services disability, pension for invalidity and life and retirement fund, as well as social benefits, mainly service child care and funeral wakes. MARTINEZ said that the IMSS is authorized to implement the pilot program and evaluate it, in order to see that it complies with the provision of health and social security.
He indicated that you conditioned a technological platform where steps will be disseminated to the incorporation of the people working in the homes anytime soon. The pilot program was presented in ordinary session of the technical Council of the Institute, consisting of representatives of the sector employer, worker and Government, and in the presence of the Secretary of labor, Luisa María Alcalde.La official pointed out that you it’s a fact historic, and said that with the presentation and upcoming implementation of the pilot programme, firm steps occur to recognize home, a group that has been highly vulnerable workers.
«We fulfill the decision of the Court setting that incorporating voluntary is discriminatory in the Social Security Act Social insurance,» he said.

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