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ten of 19 Secretaries kept at least some of the data of his asset declaration and interests without more transparent, despite the ultimatum of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador that if public all of your information, they could work in his Government, and that led to six of them and the head of his office to make any changes in the already declared.
Around 10 of the night of the last day of term, Olga Sánchez Cordero, Ministry of the Interior, opened their data on the public platform Declaranet, which had remained completely hidden since it complied with the procedure legal file his return, 27 of December. After noon had also made it Josefa González Blanco, environment and natural resources (Semarnat).
Lee: AMLO filing heritage; real estate and automobiles are on behalf of Beatriz Gutiérrez and their children the two secretariats had ignored until yesterday the call of Lopez Obrador on 3 January warned it was not enough to meet the legal requirement of filing but castling in that the law pe u keep reserved data, but that «for reasons of moral nature», all had to make known their property.
«Not only to present it formally, but make it public.» He that does not make public, can work in the Government», he reiterated Tuesday during his morning news conference.
-There are nine secretaries who hid some facts, – it made him see.
«They have until the day 30», had settled.
Lee: A three weeks of Government, only two members of the Cabinet have submitted his wealth statement
six secretaries open some data the last day
what Sanchez Cordero hid up to last hour was that in addition to receive 120 pesos of its ELDO upon assuming office, has other revenue by 228 thousand pesos a month. In addition, a Department of 2.7 million and land with a declared value of 90 million «new pesos», acquired in 1992. But he decided to keep secret the balance of five bank accounts and investment funds.
González Blanco agreed to a «partial» publication of their property. He admitted possessing three ranches with total value of 222 thousand dollars and a Seat Ibiza 85 thousand; but it remained subject to the price of family jewels and several works of art, as well as your bank account. In terms of potential conflict of interest, said to be associate of the Acajungla Foundation, which has 12 years.
Some Secretaries had done these partial statements and decided to make transparent data, but not all.
For example, Miguel Torruco, tourism (Sectur), three houses, a Jeep, movable property and investment funds had reported without giving the quantities, nor had authorized to disclose their revenue extras for other activities besides the salary from his post. On Wednesday he acknowledged perceived other 70 pesos, which has artworks by 8 million, 7 and 6 movable jewels, and reported the price of one of his houses in 15 million pesos. It maintained without clarifying, however, the price of the other two houses and the balance on their accounts.
Víctor Villalobos Arámbula, of agriculture and Rural Development (Sader), which had refused to publish the value of all their assets, recognized bank accounts for 9 dollars and 50 thousand pesos; and five houses, two land, a Department and a venue that has only changed his statement to report that one of the houses is worth 750 thousand dollars.
Alfonso Durazo, public security and citizen protection (SSPyPC), had hidden the balance in their bank accounts, now admitted is 7.7 million pesos. And Marcelo Ebrard, of Foreign Affairs (SRE), transparentó everything.
maintain by opacity
officials statement has two parts: assets and potential conflicts of interest, where they have to declare if they or their partners and dependants economic are owners, partners or advisers in any company, philanthropic institution, consulting, or have a position in the public administration.
Two Secretaries refused from the beginning to their potential conflicts of interest will be published and thus kept it: Durazo, and the of public education (SEP), Esteban Moctezuma Barragán, which comes from being President of the Fundación Azteca, Ricardo Salinas Pliego.
Moctezuma Barragán is that has most resisted transparency. When he presented his initial statement, December 28, not authorized that nothing was made public. After the first warning of Lopez Obrador, it opened its heritage but without values, and this time did not change, so it remained unclear of their bank balances, the value of your estate, and real estate, category in which reported to own five houses , a Department, a ranch and land, but without prices.
Another less transparent was Rocío Nahle García, the energy Secretariat (Sener), which reported having two houses, a truck Nissan X-Trail, two investment banking and a mortgage, but none of this gave values. It also rejected public became another kind of income as well as receive as Secretary. After the ultimatum of President, he did not changes in your statement, submitted on 4 January.
Also kept without disclosing the value of his real and personal estate Luis Cresencio Sandoval, of the defence (Sedena), Graciela Márquez Colín, economy (SE), and Jorge Alcocer-Varela, health.
the more transparent
Ebrard Casaubón, after the call on Tuesday to publish all data, he revealed extra income by 65 thousand pesos, a 1.7 million House, and a bank with 230 thousand account. Also stated as a possible conflict of interest that your spouse is partner in the company strategy and communication Aster SA de CV.
Alfonso Romo, head of the office of Presidency, also agreed to make transparent absolutely everything and also recognize properties by 29.6 million, revealed having a pickup truck Land Rover almost 4 million pesos and bank investments by almost 5.
Which if declared open everything from the beginning, as well as Lopez Obrador, were the Secretary of communications and transport (SCT), Javier Jiménez Espriú; Labour and Social Welfare (STPS), Luisa María Alcalde Luján; of the Navy (Semar), José Rafael Ojeda Durán; of finance and public credit (SHCP), Carlos Urzúa; of well-being, María Luisa Albores; Rural development, Territorial and urban (Sedatu), Roman Meyer; of culture, Alejandra Frausto; and of the function public (SFP), Irma Eréndira Sandoval, although through a disclaimer because when he presented it on 5 December, first of all, were missing data.
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