translated from Spanish: Fun in its third anniversary

Mazatlan.sin-Johana Ortega home was the venue chosen for the third anniversary of her granddaughter, Renata Benítez Araujo, who asked for the second year celebrate you in the style of the little mouse Mimi.

Hillary Araujo enjoyed the evening with her daughter.

Her mother, Hillary Araujo, with help from the great-grandparents of the birthday girl, Adelaida Covarrubias and Emilio Ortega, made preparations for the party.

Accompanied by Eduardo and Emilio Ortega hostesses.

Children and adults enjoyed the delicious food and treats while sharing the pleasant moment together with the celebrated.

The small, happy in the arms of his grandmother Johana Ortega.

So that everyone would be ad hoc to the theme of the party, hostesses gave girls a headband with mouse ears, while they offered the children a cute tie as Mickey Mouse. The hours passed very quickly and since most of the guests had gone, Renata wanted to open their gifts and with the help of the largest began to unwrap them. A day full of surprises and fun enjoyed the little that is left apapachar by all. Congratulations! In this note: social Mazatlan piñata Renata Benitez fun

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