translated from Spanish: Got a video with a ukulele and was assaulted: would a new crack on social networks?

are worth Madanes has a million followers in Instagram. Its popularity is due to that daily share various covers of songs of different genres with the ukulele: whether it’s pop, Reggaeton and cumbia, each of its publications are filled of «likes». However, each of them also received hundreds of negative comments and criticism, most of them with a common denominator: choosing the instrument for the video. 
She is not the only one that should go through that situation: dozens of teenagers daily share their videos with the courage that this implies, and in social networks are bullying and contempt by hundreds of users. what those comments are due? Is this a new virtual crack? To understand it, Filo.News spoke with Carla Larín, sociologist and Professor of the University of Buenos Aires (UBA), with Florence Benson, sociologist, Director of Marketing Digital de La Content Factory and the instagrammer and artist Connie island.

Photo: Unsplash the ukulele – this small object called ukulele according to the Real Academia Española – is a stringed instrument created in 1880 in Hawaii, by Portuguese immigrants, and which then spread by Polynesia and Easter Island, where it was perfected. The early exponents of the genre were Jake Shimabukuro or Israel Kamakawiwo’ole, but then spread it as Herb Ohta, artists Paul McCartney or Elvis Presley.A throughout the years, spread for all over the world. In Argentina, currently, became a fashion among millennials: hundreds of teenagers have one in their homes. The price is around thousand or two thousand dollars, in the homes of music or internet sales, and tends to be fairly portable, to carry and play anywhere.


These are some of the comments that received Valentina Madanes, the young man that we mentioned at the beginning of the note. For which both repudiation? For which so much anger? The sum of these comments, whether on Instagram or Twitter, generates a virtual bullying towards the young, and all those who decide to upload their videos. For this reason, it is important not to naturalize it and wonder, why relate to the instrument with the social status? A social debate?
«An instrument is part of the culture,» Larin said. However, the ukulele in particular took hold in social networks, by many users to a particular social class. Is it correct to make that relationship?» «» Fashions in culture will spread, perhaps began to make more visible in some segment of the population although it has always been there «, said the professional, although he said that it is only hypothesis that are created in social networks, with nothing confirmed with theory.» It may be that this instrument is still more consumed by certain social class (although don’t know statistically). Soon it’s a sign and if we want to say ‘the ukulele is associated with the highest socio-economic level’, you have to do a study», he said.

«Photo: Unsplash on the other hand, the sociologist Benson expressed the view that there is a link between the instrument and the social order:»Yes, it seems to me that the ukulele has to do with aesthetics, with the consumption of certain social classes».» «It would seem a relatively new addition in our music, and in that sense Yes perhaps has to do with the classes most cosmopolitan, that travel or consume a certain imaginary reaching exotic spaces they classes do not access», commented. At the same time, he added: «If there is a kind of cultural appropriation of popular classes, is taken as the cumbia music or ‘Wood charcoal’ is almost an anthem of the popular classes, then this transformation by a girl very young may be generating a fr iccion». Sociologist manifested with regard to criticisms: «I don’t know if you call it bullying.» At the time in which a person is exposed publicly, in this case with his art, it is susceptible to all kinds of answers.»



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And you, what you think of the issue?
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