translated from Spanish: Guided continues adding: Parliament recognizes him as President of Venezuela

The European Parliament (EP) on Thursday acknowledged Juan Guaidó as a legitimate Interim President of Venezuela, a symbolic step that, according to the legislators, was given in order to keep the pressure on Nicolas Maduro.
The decision was taken after finding that the Venezuelan President «has publicly rejected the possibility of holding new presidential elections» after the EU ultimatum.
In the statement, EU lawmakers called for in addition to all the Governments of the bloc to follow the example.
«From Europe, we can help to change the Venezuelan regime and let know that tyrants can never represent a democratic possibility,» said the Spanish legislator of center-right of the EU Esteban González Pons in a statement.
In this line, the Venezuelan opposition and excalde of Caracas, Antonio Ledezma urged the Spanish Government to recognize «today» to Juan Guaidó as interim President of the country, as do the European Parliament.
«Do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today. It is time, Venezuela needs it,»Ledezma urged the head of the Spanish Executive, the Socialist Pedro Sánchez.
It should be recalled that the Governments of Spain, Germany and France gave an ultimatum to Caracas and announced last Saturday that they will recognize guided if Maduro not calling for presidential elections within eight days.

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