translated from Spanish: Minister Hutt said evidence that never knew of the rise in rates of Transantiago and Metro

Minister of transports, Gloria Hutt, responded to accusations of Socialist Deputy, Leonardo Soto, who accused Secretary of State through his Twitter account, knowing in advance of the opening of Line 3 of the metro of the rise in the rates of the Transantiago.
Parliamentarian accused Secretary of State «to miss the truth about sensitive information and in the public interest», noting that at the time of giving the we are going to the new line of the underground railroad, inaugurated Tuesday, January 22, Hutt was already aware is your birían rates, which was made Friday, January 25.
In his defense, the Minister said to be «completely open to deliver all the documents supporting the form and the date in which it was reported» the information in question.
In addition, Soto challenged the Minister with a record of meeting of support, in which there is evidence that December 27 Expert Panel determined the rates rising, instance attended Hutt.
However, the Secretary of State stressed that «everything is according to the regulations, and if he has any questions I do not have any problem to clarify it».
Ultimately, the Socialist Deputy said that Hutt had committed a «a breach of probity», ensuring that «the lie is already political State Government for the better times».

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