translated from Spanish: Restriction for trucks in Buenos Aires routes through tourism Exchange

vehicles of large-sized by the Buenos Aires – La Plata, 2 dual carriageway motorway and other five Buenos Aires routes was restricted Thursday to facilitate the scroll azamiento of vehicles and prevent claims of transit routes, before the tourist replacement. The restriction of circulation by such means, in regard to the Atlantic coast began at 6 o’clock and will continue until the 14; in regard to the city of Buenos Aires the restriction will be from 14 to the 23.59. which routes applied provincial route Nº 2 (Highway 2) restriction, from km 40.5 branch Buenos Aires – Mar del Plata until the highway Buenos Aires – La Plata to the km. 400 (Came (t). provincial route No. 11 from intersection with RP No. 36 (Pipinas) to the 537 km (Chapadmalal).
Provincial No. 36, from roundabout RP No. 10 route (Prolongación Av. 66 – La Plata) until the intersection with RP No. 11 (Pipinas).
Provincial No. 56 route from its intersection with the number 11 RP (Gral. Conesa) to its intersection with the RP No. 74 (Gral. Madariaga).
Provincial No. 63 route, from Distributor of transit RP No. 2 (Dolores) to the junction with RP No. 11 (corner of Crotto).
Provincial No. 74 route: From its intersection with the RP No. 56 (Maipú) to its intersection with the number 11 RP (Pinamar).
Vialidad Provincial recommendations recommended to drivers: circular with the low lights on; with the updated VTV; respect the speed to maximum and minimum; put the seat belt and not overtake another vehicle with double-yellow line.

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