translated from Spanish: San Telmo: they assaulted and stabbed a Canadian tourist in

in the neighborhood of San Telmo, at the height of Peru to the 400, a Canadian tourist was assaulted and shot by a group of criminals. The 35-year-old man suffered a wound in the shoulder, so it must be moved by an ambulance from the SAME to the Argerich Hospital, where was treated by physicians of the place.

Here the event also occurred, said the authorities, should also be detoxified, since he was drunk. Fortunately, after the treatment was discharged. When he could leave the hospital, he immediately made the complaint Commissioner communal 1. As described, at the time of the robbery he received a blow with an object that did not recognize. While there would be responsible for the fact four, police arrested so far three guilty parties for the attack; one of them is less. Insecurity in Microcentro is the first that is a fact of this caliber: weeks ago, in the middle of Monserrat, blocks from 9 de julio, assaulted a 36-year-old Swedish tourist, called Christoffer Peter.El man was taken to the hospital, where he was to tended by doctors. According to his girlfriend, who was walking with him at the time of the fact, Peter «is thankful of that saved her life.» In this note: San Telmo Canadian Turista

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