translated from Spanish: “The burden” of the Mazatlan Alan Jonsson, will look for Netflix

film ‘The burden’, produced and directed by filmmaker Alan Jonsson Gavica Mazatlan, premiering during February through Netflix. He is a story of love, brotherhood, pride, respect, determination and justice that Star Painalli, an Indian Tameme, and Elisa a Spanish nobility. 
The heart of the history of “Charge” is a frantic Chase developed literally and visually in many ecosystems of Mexico, from the new Spain until the port of San Juan de Ulúa. The public will be caught by two characters with two completely different worlds, which are pursued by a few riders looking to capture them. Through a press release, Netflix reports that “The load” plot takes place years after the conquest of Mexico in 1552, and has as a starting point the history of Francisco Tenamaztle, first Indian who fought against injustice, mistreatment and I act committed by the Spanish against the natives. 

Alan Jonsson Gavica, at the time of filming “The load”. Photo: Courtesy Netflix Alan Jonsson Gavica, originally from Mazatlan, points out in his mind the idea of producing “The load”.
The premise I thought more than 18 years; It fascinated me know that I could make a film of our Mexican history, specifically about the colonial era.”

I was mulling over ideas in order to have something more workable in terms of budget and the 2010 ‘premise’ I told a friend, he went mad and offered to develop it along with me.”

Óscar Pérez, Secretary of tourism, said that we must be proud of talents as Alan, a character in Mazatlan that has managed to succeed in his aim of being a director whose production is enjoyed at places like Netflix which has millions of Subscribers.

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