translated from Spanish: «The father of Anna’s mouth ensures that abuse allegations are»marketineras»

Anna Chiara, the daughter of Andrea de el Boca, told in dialogue with a magazine an episode when it was girl, with her father, who marked it a lot.» There are different types of abuse, it is the physical, mental, verbal, sexual or psychological. When I was with him I felt not respected, didn’t feel in my house, I felt not beloved. I remember once I wrote you a letter to the judge telling him that being in a family dinner he looked at me with a disgusting… I did not understand why. Then, he looked at me and told me ‘you have ass smell, do not want to to my side’ «, said Anna.En regards this, Ricardo Biasotti, his father, spoke with Angel Brito. «I have no problem with the media, but it is not the time to talk. You know how is the medium and you can imagine what lies behind this. It’s all very obvious», wrote in a WhatsApp message.
«It is very sad to see your daughter that you both fought in this situation», said Ricardo Biasotti.

And he added: «this note with those pictures is obvious that is a marketer release and so the attention, had to add a condiment. What could be better at that time that we live that something as well and against the father. «» If I go out to answer what is accomplished is to feed their goal, which is to promote the replacement of Andrea de el Boca «.» He feels that the family is driving to Anna as a replacement for Andrea in the media,»explained De Brito giving a closing.

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