translated from Spanish: The Government makes more flexible conditions for migrants from Venezuela, but the rest?

in the middle of the social, economic and political crisis that Venezuela and the advance of the national Government of that country, in tandem with several more in the region and the United States, promoted more flexible conditions for entry and regularizac ion of Venezuelan migrants. 
However, as happens in the midst of a regression on rights of migrants in Argentina. In January of 2017 Mauricio Macri modified through a decree of necessity and urgency of Migraciones.En law that then the Government justified the measure with an alleged energencia of security and data of that 21% of those who are being held in federal prisons they are foreigners, a fact that goes down to 6% If the provincial is also counted. 
In communication with Filo.News, from Amnesty International considered successful measure by the so-called streamlining that will bring for the regularization of migrants and consider it to be coincident with the international position of the Argentine Government to the Venezuelan. «We see it in a positive way, it is not the first time that it has a gesture of flexibility towards the Venezuelan people,» said Mariana Marques and stressed particularly the agility for the ascertainment of background, something hard to get in Venezuela by the crisis institutional. 

Nicolas Maduro, President of Venezuela «From this premise that regularization is the main road of the integraicon, seeking to ensure more expeditious times for the entire migrant population,» said the Director of policy and justice Amnesty International. It is that they consider that the DNU which amended the Migration Act meant a setback in terms of guarantees, rights of people, through the creation of express of expulsion procedures, expands the grounds for this to happen. The Decree was declared unconstitutional in less than a year ago. 
«Associate migration with crime is irresponsible,» said Marques against the speech of the Government for the last time. In the past three years 1.433 foreign nationals with valid criminal cases were expelled from the country and, according to the statements of the director of immigration, Horacio García the Agency Telam, this was due to the «dictation of Decree number 70 of January of 2017, that It enabled speeding up administrative and judicial expulsion procedures, which were once very cumbersome.» 

Juan Guaidó, self-proclaimed President of Venezuela, for its part, the daily profile today released a note which ensures that the Government will attempt to use the Venezuela issue in the campaign to differentiate themselves from the Kirchner. 

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