translated from Spanish: They seek a pampean 30s who disappeared at Capital Federal

Carola Desuque is 30 years, it is a native of Santa Rosa, La Pampa and his family knows nothing of her since January 2. There are several indications that the woman would have come to Capital Federal hitchhiking, but from the mentioned date not have failed to contact her. Supposed arrival to Buenos Aires as an agent of the Government of the city of Buenos Aires, would have found with the girl in the area of courts: she would have contacted him to apply for a grant. This man contacted Gabriela, mother of the young man, and told him about his meeting with Carola, in which she hoped to receive a subsidy found in street situation, that he explained that it was not in a position to be considered as such , by which only were offered shelter for the night. This same person said that it had scheduled another meeting with the Pampa girl, she never attended. On the other hand, the Carola family managed to enter with your mail and verify that the IP addresses used in the last few days came from the Capital Federal.El last post according to the sustained by Gabriela, the last communication that took with her daughter It was January 2: «sent Me a message asking me that we were speaking about. I told him at that time was not able to speak with her because we were feuding. Carola is of those people who when angered, moves away and doesn’t like that we invade their space. A day later my son tells me that he had gone to his house and was not. There I started him writing and never answered me.» The woman also said Carola ended a relationship that maintained with a man, who suffered from drug addiction, although the past few days had decided to abandon the medication. Carola 1.60 metres, is of medium, slim build, fair complexion, Brown eyes, long brown hair and has a piercing in the left side of the nose.

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