translated from Spanish: University of Illinois Research Center performs medical study with Chilean technology

According to data obtained by the Christopher & Dana Reeves Foundation, the world 2% of the population suffers from some degree of paralysis by neurological damage, problem that from the area of health is studied constantly.
It is the case of a medical team headed by the Chilean physiotherapist, Gonzalo Varas, of the University of Illinois in Chicago, who researches and develops methods to prevent accidents that can result in paralysis.
To carry out this study researchers boast cutting-edge technology: supports partial weight, systems from Vicon, treadmills of gait analysis motion capture and even neuro rehabilitation for paralysis technology through the functional electrical stimulation, developed by the Chilean venture TrainFES.
«The formation of international research partnerships is essential for the technological development of the country and its ability to compete in a global environment,» said Sebastián Mardones, Manager of research and development of national entrepreneurship, which is supported by CORFO and incubates UC.
The University of Illinois in Chicago will have the first results of this research during the coming months, which involves a study of more than 300 patients using the Chilean electrical stimulation systems.
«We hope to continue encouraging the technological exchange in the coming years and thus position Chile as a country with high potential in areas of innovation,» concluded the Manager of research and development of TrainFES.

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