translated from Spanish: Vatican initiated criminal proceedings against priest formed by Fernando Karadima

Congregation for the doctrine of the faith in Rome ordered to initiate criminal administrative proceedings against the priest Diego Ossa, formed by Fernando Karadim a, on charges of sexual abuse and power. It is important to point out that the priest Diego Ossa has at least three complaints against her. One of the complainants, Oscar Osbén, requested the reopening of his case, denounced in 2011, after meeting with the Envoy of the Pope, the Bishop Charles Scicluna. According to Radio Cooperativa, priest Eugenio de la Fuente, stressed that «it is very important for Oscar that has recognised that something failed in the previous investigation, so that to the provided this background again after the visit of Monsignor Scicluna and in that context is sent to Rome research «in addition, the Laity of Santiago, Osvaldo Aravena, spokesman also had words to refer to this fact:»are reaching the limit of exhaustion, see a hierarchy that remains completely » «» oblivious to the drama of what we are discussing every day in the Catholic Church «said.» Today we have just found out that the Vatican subjected to canonical Diego Ossa, who moved from one side to another, they protected him and it turns out that today is already starting a canonical process against Diego Ossa, a disciple of Karadima» added the spokesman.

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