translated from Spanish: Vikings nears the end but what’s next?

the fifth season of “Vikings” ended with everything. “Ragnarok” refers to the Norse Apocalypse and the episode gave us blood and fire. Just in case, we won’t talk about who died and who lived, but point to what comes in 2019 and beyond. Michael Hirst, creator of “Vikings”, gave a series of interviews after the end of the season that reveal tone of the sixth and final season of the series and confirmed details about the continuation – that do not, will not be a prequel.

Michael Hirst meditate near the nape of Travis Fimmel at Comic Con in 2013 the sixth season will be the final end of the saga of Ragnar Lothbrok and his family. The final episodes are already written, and face our favorite Vikings with different enemies, one of which already it is confirmed: Oleg of Novgorod (Danila Kozlovsky), Slavic conqueror known as “Oleg the prophet” and that seems to indicate that the new direction in which the clan will move is towards the Russian steppes.
“Missing 20 episodes in which there will be moments of great tragedy and great heroism. If tears, get ready to weep them you are.”- Michael Hirst, creator of the”Vikings”first part of the sixth season will be by the end of 2019, while the definitive end of the saga will have to wait to the early days of 2020.Pero the end of the clan not It is the end of the series. Hirst won’t reveal which characters will go to this sequel, but confirms that it will be connected to the original series, and that for fans will offer a direct continuity. So – nothing of prequels.

Danila Kozlovsky will be one of the antagonists of the last season it was Hirst denied the rumor that the series is called “Valhalla”. Nordic mythology, Valhalla is a realm that Warriors are going after dying, but the screenwriter has a very good reason to not travel to the Kingdom: “all making at Valhalla is fight, eat and sleep – there is not much to tell”. If you want to read in detail what you think of this season of the series go to damn Nerds and lee Jessica Blady analyses each chapter. And let marked that page because in the sixth season, we are going to re-examine it, episode by episode. In this note:

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