translated from Spanish: AMLO and Trump, its figures on homicides

phrase: now that I saw the report I felt satisfied because, according to our records, only 54 killings yesterday and bring an average of 80. That is what matters to me, lowering the number of homicides, lowering the number of thefts, which there is no kidnapping.
Andrés López Manuel Obrador said at Conference on January 30 that in Mexico “officially there is no war” after highlight that, a day earlier, the single country were recorded 54 homicides against the average of 80 of earlier days.
What the President did not explain is that, since his Government began on December 1, only five days the registration of killings has been less than 60. In fact, the official data for January 30 – the day that Lopez Obrador presumed reduction in the figures-the killings again increased to 81 newspapers.

Lopez Obrador made reference to the day in which fewer homicides were recorded in the month of December and January, according to the daily report of malicious killings generated by an interdisciplinary team consisting of the Ministry of security and protection (SSPC) ), the Secretariat of the defence Nacional (SEDENA), the Secretary of Navy (SEMAR) and the Attorney General’s Office (PGR).
These data show that in the days leading the Government of López Obrador, during the month of January, only two dates registered a number of killings near which the President cited. The January 15 with 55 homicides and 24 January 28 killings. In December, three times the number of killings was less than 60. The December 14 with 59 killings, 26 December with 57 and on December 31 with 59.
The most frequent killings in December and January ranged between 81 and 90. In December, the number of daily homicides ranked this range nine times. In seven others, homicides were in a range between 71 and 80. In January, also on nine occasions daily homicides was between 81 and 90 and in seven, between 71 and 80.  
But in addition, the data cited by Lopez Obrador contrasted with figures for the daily report of malicious killings also collected by the SSPC from media. According to that report, on January 29 68 homicides were recorded.
Donald Trump uses false figures
author: Donald Trump
place and date: personal Twitter account
phrase: “the killings in Mexico increased 33% off up to 33 thousand 2017 341 ca” sos”
rating: false in a tweet posted on the morning of 31 January, the President of the United States held that the increase by 33% of homicides in Mexico were a cause of the humanitarian crisis on the border between Mexico and a States gone. As he pointed out, such uncertainty, is expanding by the United States, it is necessary the construction of a wall.
However, while there was an increase in the number of homicides in Mexico with respect to 2017, growth does not correspond with what you quoted Trump.
The Executive Secretariat of the national system of public security (SESNSP) shows that by 2018 there was 33 thousand 341 victims of homicide – the same figure that gave the American President – and in 2017, there were 28 thousand 866 victims. This means that the increase in absolute terms of victims of intentional homicides between 2017 and 2018 was 15.5% and 33% not as stated.
As folders of research initiated by intentional homicides, the Executive Secretariat recorded 28 thousand last year 816 and in 2017, 25 thousand 497. I.e., in absolute terms, there was an increase of 13.01%.
In relative terms, i.e., isolating the possible effect of the population growth in the period, the rate of homicides per 100 thousand inhabitants in 2017 was 20.27, and in 2018 from 23.10. This means that the malicious homicide rate was 13.96% or 2.36 times less than the sustained by us President.

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