translated from Spanish: AMLO Government sends to the Senate its security strategy

the Secretary of public security, Alfonso Durazo, delivered to the Senate the national strategy of public security, as the Constitution marks it.
In a private event, the President of the Senate of the Republic, Marti Batres Guadarrama, received the proposal, which said it will analyze and if approved.

? #HoyEnElSenado security and citizen protection Secretary, @AlfonsoDurazo, gave the national strategy of public security of the Federal Government to Senator @martibatres, President of the Board of Directors. – Senate of Mexico (@senadomexicano) February 1, 2019 Durazo told the Senators that the strategy has eight strategic areas, which include the fight against corruption, fight against insecurity, as well as the creation of the guard National.
Lee: These are 266 regions of the AMLO security plan; 153 are considered red flags “is for the Government of the Republic fundamental this approval, not only under the Constitutional compliance, but the political support which require large initiatives such as those that the President has presented in” security matters”, said Durazo Montaño, according to Millennium.
This is a new Faculty of the Senate, he will be the first time that it will approve the plan of the President in matters of public security, after the constitutional reforms made in 2014 to articles 69 and 76 of the Constitution.
You can interest: 3 laws that Lopez Obrador needs to operate the National Guard article 69 establishes that “in the first year of its mandate, in the opening of the second ordinary session of the Congress, the President of the Republic shall submit to the” Senate, for its approval, the national public security strategy and will report annually on the State to save.”
Meanwhile, article 76, in their fraction XI, points out that they are powers of the Senate “to approve the national strategy of public security in the term which the law. You should the Senate not taken a decision within that period, it shall be approved”.
This Friday, February 1 the Congress began the second period of sessions ordinary of the LXIV legislature which will end on April 30.
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