translated from Spanish: CDMX strategy before reports of kidnapping in the underground

before reports of attempted kidnapping in the subway, the City Government said that it will increase security outside some stations, mobile public ministries will be installed to address complaints or provide information and become a special review of the folders of crimes that may be linked to cases of kidnapping attempts.
The Attorney General of Justice of the city of Mexico, Ernestina Godoy Ramos, explained that starting this Friday there will be attention of the capital Attorney cells which will be integrated by the public prosecutor’s Office, women who had a quick training of gender with very clear instructions of what must be done.
«These cells will have the mission to serve and guide priority women,» he said.
Lee: From 2 to 3 in the afternoon, the schedule with highest incidence in attempts at abduction of young people in the ad meter to be installed mobile public ministries in five stations starting this Friday in Metro: Coyoacan, Martín Carrera, Mixcoac, Tacubaya and in the station Metro UAM Iztapalapa.
The capital Prosecutor stressed that allegations in the same place, will not be taken but that victims will be moved by the authorities to the relevant Prosecutor’s offices and all crimes will be handled. 
The prosecutor asked the population report to know what size is the problem, and if not you want to file a complaint, information can be provided anonymously.
He said that he also will feature lawyers already trained to assist women who decide to denounce.
The head of Government, Claudia Sheinbaum, explained that not have detailed information about complaints by the attempts of kidnappings, saying that «some women have wanted to denounce, but as a real fact is not consummated, the public prosecutor’s Office has not allowed raise these allegations», also there is no gender in the majority of the MP.
It also announced that you deployed a special operation to enhance security in the subway, and that there will be more light out of the stations, mainly where there are reports of attempted abduction.
Also opened a number so citizens have direct communication with the authorities, through the line of the citizen Council, 5533-5533.
Sheinbaum explained that the holder of the Digital Agency of innovation public of the city of Mexico, José Merino, meet with organizations and activists who are doing the issue tracking.
Through social networks, users of the metro of the city of Mexico have reported in recent months attempted kidnapping inside and outside the facility, with a modus operandi in which a man begins to follow the victim, takes it against their will and love it Aza’s death if he yells or asks for help. If someone intervenes, it argues that it is his girlfriend.
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