translated from Spanish: Chancellor of the Venezuelan regime: «Piñera sold their sovereignty and their autonomy to United States»

in a conversation with La Tercera, the Chancellor Nicolas Maduro, Jorge Arreaza, criticized the reaction of the Government of Sebastián Piñera on the si situation in Venezuela.» Admittedly, that President Sebastián Piñera has been one of the most dedicated in be noted that United States recognized their subordinate role. For us, all that is so evident, that the seams are you everywhere», he said. Arreaza said that «in his first Government, President Piñera was a man respectful of the sovereignty of Venezuela. At that time the Governments of right were in the minority and he was respected by the left. It seems that President Piñera sold their sovereignty and their autonomy to United States. «Sorry for the people of Chile, but Venezuela does not affect at all». Requests that the High Commissioner of the UN for the DD. HH. and former President, Michelle Bachelet, to rule on the situation, the Chancellor of the Venezuelan regime said that «the High Commissioner is being subjected to media pressure, they are trying to put it in the circus. However, Bachelet is a person very serious and rigorous. At our last meeting in Marrakech, in the framework of the Summit of the global pact on migration, she told us that indeed this year will come to Venezuela. It must be a prior agenda, a meeting of a team that she would send previously, and we are waiting for it.» Arreaza also referred to the Minister of RR.EE., Roberto Ampuero and said that «it is a very biased against Venezuela, will note that in its beginnings it was left and then became, has many accumulated resentments. «I would say that our hand is extended and hopefully achieve return to respect of international law».

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