translated from Spanish: Fire at a hotel in downtown Buenos Aires: killed two women

a 30 story building located in Corrientes Avenue to 800 caught fire in the afternoon on Friday and sparked fear by people who were trapped there. In the videos released by social networks is observed how those who were at the hotel asked for help through small windows facing the street. A 55 year old woman who had been transferred to the Ramos Mejía Hospital died shortly after entering the Medical Center. Also killed a police officer in the city identified as Roxana Trochel, 31, who participated in the rescue work in the tower. In addition there are three people with serious injury and their health status is reserved. Other 40 patients were referred to Fernandez, Rivadavia, Ramos Mejía, Penna, Tornu and Durand, hospitals for Burns and smoke inhalation. 

#Argentina 2 people dead, including a police officer, and 48 injuries leave a fire in the hotel Las Naciones, downtown Buenos Aires. Of the hospitalized people, 3 are with serious burns. The accident was controlled. – Tere Menéndez (@TMT30_) 2 February 2019 the fire started on the floor 5 of the place and immediately the air was filled with black smoke. Hotel Las Naciones is a tower built in 1986 and renovated in 2007, where he also operate offices and departments. It is usually frequented by travelers from the so-called «shopping tour» from neighbouring countries, especially Brazil.

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