translated from Spanish: Goodbye to the car: in Europe they will pay to those who go to work in bike

Holland, Italy, France and Belgium began to pay per kilometre travelled to those employees who go to work by bicycle, in an attempt to reduce bottlenecks and promote sustainable means of transport. The pioneer of this policy is the Netherlands, which already has more bicycles than people: 23 million rolled for 17 million inhabitants. As explained by the Secretary of State for infrastructure and public works, “the compensation will be 19 cents of euro per kilometre travelled by bicycle to and from work” that country will invest $ 345 million euros in infrastructure for 200,000 more people move cycling within the next three years.

Each time payment of 25 euro cents will implement more bicycles on European streets France per traveled kilometer who occupy the bicycle as means of transport to go from home to work. In the last six months an eighty percent increased the number of parking lots for bicycles in French companies. People who have participated in the program pedaled, on average, five kilometers a day. The amount of money that corresponds to each worker is paid by the companies and then recover it through tax benefits. In Italy, the municipality of Bari also pay by bank transfer 20 euro cent kilometer from next month to those who move by bike. Anyway, more than 25 euros is not pay per month per person. The project will be available for four months and the municipality will assume the costs. The inhabitants of Belgium, are the so-called “compensation bike”, a bonus corresponding to 23 cents of euro per kilometre journey by bicycle to work. The measure has other additional benefits such as reducing pollution, decongest traffic in cities, improve physical condition and health of the workers thus continue in their daily routine doing tours and shopping in bike.  In this note:

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