translated from Spanish: “Introduction to feminist theories”: the free software in education of gender of the University of Chile

The platform at the University of Chile, “UAbierta”, line dictate from March 19 until April 22 the course “Introduction to the feminist theories”, which aims to provide a critical review of the feminist mainstream, recognizing the mu multiple theoretical approaches of feminism, its applications and transformations throughout history.
The purpose of the program aimed at the general public, is to propose a collective discussion for the construction of an analysis of the current feminist demands in Chile, Latin America and the Caribbean, on the occasion of making visible “the close relationship that exists between the” theories and political action”, as says the description of the course.
The course “Introduction to the feminist theories” is free and is divided into 4 modules to be developed in 5 weeks of work, between March 19 and April 22.
“Those involved will receive a critical reading of the feminist mainstream,” detailed description of the program, whose objective is to “contribute to the understanding and expansion of current debates for the reduction of social inequality between genres”.

The programme issued by the UAbierta platform, will have content made by academics of the Interdisciplinary Center for gender studies (CIEG), the core of research in gender and society Julieta Kirkwood, the center of studies of gender and culture in Latin America (CEGECAL), and members of the teaching staff of the Faculty of social sciences and the Institute of communication and image of the University of Chile.
The teachers María Elena Acuña – in charge of the academic coordination-, Carolina Muñoz, María Antonieta Acuña and Silvia Lamadrid, will be academic program along with activist and journalist U. de Chile Cristeva hair.
Check out the full program here.

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