translated from Spanish: It is obligatory to use the word «medical» to refer to women who practice medicine: RAE

photos / Twitter / Internet world-La Real Academia de la Lengua Española (RAE) recalled the use of the word «medical» to refer to a woman who is legally authorized ADA to practice medicine.
In the same way, he pointed out that the use of «doctor» refers to the same thing, but is used only in the masculine case.

Uncle @RAEinforma, it is correct to say «medical» referring to women who engaged in the profession, or just to say «doctor» is enough?
«-Alcaraz (@kikealcarazg) January 30, 2019 #RAEconsultas grammatically, the feminine of «doctor» is «medical», in substantive applications both use adjectives («consultation») («my sister’s medical)»; Therefore, is that the way to be used in reference to the woman who has the medicine.
The clarification was born after the question of a user on Twitter and rapidly viralizó since much of medicine titled women have written in their college paper «Physician», what would be wrong according to the information given by the dictionary.
A user, who shared a photo of his title, which it says «medical», said that she wanted to be called so, and not in the right way, to which the SAR emphasized: «nouns of profession with a form for each gender must be used obligatorily in f c when the referent is a woman. «If it’s a woman, must use the expression ‘ medical doctor» «.»

If the @RAEinforma allows you to say «murciegalo», «toballa», «crocodrilo», «the heat» and «medical» I want to be called as my title doctor says. End of the theme – Marcela ???? (@Zeladamarcela) January 30, 2019 is the professional title of physician, surgeon. There is no medical surgeon. The SAR has given against political correctness.
#RAEconsultas nouns profession with a form for each gender must be used obligatorily feminine when the referent is a woman. If it’s a woman, you must use the expression «medical doctor».
Meanwhile, the use of «medical» extends to other medical professionals, such as «veterinary medical» or «forensic medical» and uses adjectives such as «consultation».
Check here the definition and designated use in the dictionary: source: BiobioChile

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