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master CD. de Mexico-a 24-year-old man was arrested by elements of the police’s investigation of the city attorney. It is the suspect of the murder of Professor of the UNAM, occurred in January the Mayor Magdalena Contreras.Ernestina Godoy, owner of the PGJCDMX, reported that the man was caught when he left the home, where occurred the murder of Professor, aged 55, in the Colonia Lomas creeks.
We stopped the alleged perpetrator of the master of the UNAM in Magdalena Contreras yesterday, from the first day we had an image of a camera, it wasn’t the C5, was a particular camera and is coming out of the House of the teacher», said the Prosecutor.

According to officials close to the case, the authorities investigate a possible crime of passion, since presumably the raids reported by Professor had been by a former partner.
We don’t know if it’s your partner, that it will see in the statements. «Something kills him with blows, then must be there», abounded Godoy.

Fernando «n», 24, was admitted to a penitentiary pending their initial audience to define their legal status. According to reports of police officers of the Sector San Jerónimo, Pablo Enrique, Professor of the National School of languages, Linguistics and translation (ENALLI) he was gagged in one of the rooms. The master had previously denounced two break-ins in dwelling and robbery through social networks. At the scene of the crime, experts found traces of blood and a pasamontana, as well as traces of blood along 50 meters above the sidewalk, by what it is presumed that the person he attacked him also was injured.

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