translated from Spanish: Martín Valtierra, journalist assaulted beating in BCS

one of the first leñazos stunned him and opened a Gash on the left side of the forehead which became borbotón of blood within seconds. Groove would require 12 points of suture.
As he could, Martín Valtierra blocked with his arms all the hits that followed. This February 1 it will undergo a surgery that will attempt to repair fracture of ulna in the right forearm which will also let you attack.
The night of Tuesday, January 29, as usual, Valtierra became by his spouse to work to go home with her.
His house is in Comondú, a municipality located in the center of the State of Baja California Sur which has a population of more than 70 thousand inhabitants.
As soon they arrived, the journalist profiled truck to put it in the garage and it came down from the car to open the gate.
Did not realize that two people descended from a truck that was parked next to his. There were two men with hoods that covered their faces, with a baseball bat each.
Seeing that she was beaten to his spouse, Valtierra woman stepped out of the truck and ran to ask for help at the law firm which is next to his house.
The aggressors immediately returned to his vehicle, which remained always on, and were on the run. Eight seconds were enough to give a message to Valtierra.
The attack was recorded by the firm security cameras. The attackers car was a Hyundai Accent, dark, with black wheels and a decal of St. Jude in one of its crystals.
Balbina Flores, representative in Mexico of reporters without borders (RSF), organization that analyzes the aggression against Valtierra in order to determine clearly their reasons, said that this incident reminds that Baja California is, for two years, one danger zone for journalists in active.   
This threat grew, according to flowers, with the increasing presence of organized crime in the State, inaction or complicity of the authorities.  
Flores said that the case of Valtierra alerts RSF, and added that so far we cannot say that the political transition that lives the country has become already better security conditions for journalists across the country.

Valtierra longstanding adds 29 years as a reporter.
From makes five is responsible for the site’s news contrasts of Comondú, platform from which insisted on denouncing, among other things, what he considers a nepotism “excessive” in the administration of mayor José Walter Valenzuela.
Valenzuela took office as Mayor of September 26, 2018, after winning an election that was postulated by Morena and the Social meeting party.
When not even a month of the takeover of Valenzuela, October 8, 2018, the President of Morena in Baja California Sur, Alberto Renteria Santana, confirmed that the party had received a complaint by nepotism against the Mayor and others had passed municipal officials of Comondú.
Renteria explained at that time that, if you receive confirmation in writing of the complaint against Valenzuela in the State Committee of Morena, this turnaría the complaint to the honesty and Justice Commission of the party, which would decide whether the Mayor received a sanction administrative or was even expelled from the party.
On 2 December last, the site published that Valenzuela was not invited to the takeover of Lopez Obrador, and added that their practices of nepotism and not adhere to the principles of Republican austerity of Morena, Vale nzuela would be expelled from its ranks.
At the time of writing these lines Valenzuela was in Oaxaca. They made contact with Luis Ernesto Leyva, his private Secretary, who requested an interview with the Mayor to know your opinion about aggression against Valtierra and the accusations of nepotism against her.  
After several attempts, Leyva sent a message saying that it would provide later. It did not occur.  


the aggression against Valtierra, which Governor Carlos Mendoza Davis sentenced, takes place just days after the murder of reporter Rafael Murúa Manríquez, the first journalist to be murdered in 2019 in the country.
The body of Murúa Manríquez, who ran a community project called RadioKashanawas found on Sunday, January 20 on a gap in the municipality of Mulegé.
The organization Article 19 says that October 29 Murua published online was receiving threats by part just the Mayor of Mulegé, Felipe Prado, who would be criticized for failures in public security in the town.  
On January 27, the Governor Mendoza Davis announced the capture of Hector “n”, alias El Moreno, alleged murderer of Murúa and apparent charge of the retail drug trade in Santa Rosalía, municipality of Mulegé.
Four days before the murder of Murua, the national human rights Commission issued a recommendation to the Attorney General of the Republic and the Government of Baja California Sur, in the case of a reporter who was attacked and threatened three times before being forced to flee the State.
Twice was burned down the House of the journalist, whose identity was reserved by the authority for your protection. In another incident they set fire to a van of your property. And one of his bodyguards died in a shootout between the bodyguard assigned him the Government and a group of armed men.
In the case of Martín Valtierra, a policeman and a soldier were assigned as bodyguards of the journalist, counting the hours to return to work on the website contrasts of Comondú. The worst thing that could happen, said, is not a beating, but stop writing.
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