translated from Spanish: New month, new prices: how much increase the rates?

from this Friday, the electric service for the users of Capital Federal and Gran Buenos Aires will rise an average of 26%, with peaks of 32%, pursuant to the Ente national electricity regulatory (ENRE).

As service improved notably, Edenor and Edesur announced Friday to increase rates to 32 percent and estimated that the rise will be from 43.6% in the quarter. Nothing, that. -Fernando Rosso (@RossoFer) January 30, 2019 in relation to transport, in the second month of 2019 will rise again fares of buses and trains in the metropolitan area of Buenos Aires, in addition to the subway. Thus, collective minimum trip will be from mid-February 1.50 more expensive weight and minimum ticket will be located at 16.50 pesos. Moreover, the minimum ticket at Mitre and Sarmiento St. Martin railways will cost 1.25 weight more in February. Roca, Belgrano Sur and Urquiza lines go up the other 75 cents. The Belgrano Norte will adjust other 50 cents in February. As a result, the minimum rate lines Mitre, Sarmiento and San Martin will be 11.25 pesos; the Roca and Belgrano Sur, 7 pesos; of the Belgrano Norte 6.25 pesos and the Urquiza, 7.25 pesos.
The Buenos Aires subway, which this month became cost 15.50 pesos, will arrive in February to 16.50 pesos, while the Premeto will be worth 6 pesos, adding 50 cents to your fare. Compared to the prepaid plans will suffer an adjustment of 5% since morning. Remember that through 2018, the service of private doctors urged 40.2%, and hikes were staggered, in five sections. Finally, this week the Government announced new values for the canisters to be applied from February. For instance, a 10 kg bottle will cost 160,28 pesos for fractionator, 240,97 pesos for the Distributor and 267,70 pesos for the public.
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