translated from Spanish: Opus Dei recognizes first complaint for sexual abuse to children

The allegations of abuses by priests first came to the Opus Dei, one of the most connected to the business and political elite Chilean congregations. This day, the ecclesiastical community confirmed that it deals with two complaints against Patricio Astorquiza Fabry (82 years).
It’s facts about twenty years ago when the complainants were minor and correspond to a “persistent harassment” at the time and an abuse of conscience, both with possible sexual connotation, says Opus Dei. The identities and ages of the two affected are under reservation.
The respondent is Patricio Astorquiza Fabry (82 years), who was chaplain until about 10 or 15 years ago of College Nocedal, a settlement for men located in the castle of La Pintana population, linked to social work that the Congregation has deployed in sectors vulnerable.
Astorquiza currently appears as part of the team of priests of the Pastoral of the Catholic University, as you can see on the website of this entity. In recent times, since some years ago, he was just doomed to pastoral work with the sick and elderly, they point to the interior of the Congregation.
Opus Dei reported as precautionary measure, was decreed from last October that Astorquiza do not use publicly priestly ministry, duration of the investigation.
Columns and books the defendant wrote comments about the Gospel in the Sunday edition of El Mercurio. On the website of the medium, can be found some of his columns under the titles as “If you want, you can clean me,” “Come, follow me”, “the family is sacred” and “Christian properties”.
Denounced religious is training sales engineer and has also highlighted as author of publications such as “Capitalism e Church” and “Moral entrepreneurs”.
His texts point to ‘light for the Christian entrepreneur’, and one of the tenets of his books is that “they should unite the material with the spiritual development”.
Background to the Congregation for the doctrine of the faith Opus Dei added that allegations were presented in the context of the Bishop Charles Scicluna listener service to the Department of prevention of abuses of the Conference Episcopal of Chile.
“Until the allegations were submitted to that body, the Regional Vicar of the Opus Dei, Sergio Boetsch, decided to start a preliminary investigation in October 2018 as soon as it had news, according to our Protocol for the protection of minors and to the” lines guide to care and hope of the Episcopal Conference of Chile,”added the statement from the Congregation.
Opus Dei adds that this inquiry were added the stories of whistleblowers, received during the months of December and January.
“According to the rules of the Church, will be sent all the research material to the Congregation for the doctrine of the faith in Rome, which, when the result of the research is concluded shall determine corresponding to adopt measures”.

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