translated from Spanish: Page gives false information about social programs

several Facebook pages offer so-called services of incorporation into social programs, but these are not official and do not give access to support.
Facebook page call for employment gives information on a so-called «economic scholarship for unemployed, single mothers and young students program», and helps free users to merge. This apocryphal call is repeated in other Facebook pages.
A publication, dated January 20, asks users to share an edited photo of a welfare card with the description: «Contact page administrators to resolve doubts about the program». However, NO Facebook page is official.
This publication has been shared more than 124 thousand times. In the comments, users mentioned be interested and make a brief summary of the reason by which require financial support, offered by the social programme.
However, there is a program that serves jointly to unemployed, single mothers and young students, and neither Lopez Obrador has mentioned the existence of a programme of support to single mothers.
The apocryphal publication also asks users to send a direct message to the page Facebook.La card of welfare that is displayed in the image actually is operated by Banco Azteca and delivered to beneficiaries of social programs, youth building the future, 68 and disabled adults. On this card will be deposited the amount destined to the beneficiaries.
Young people build the future program is aimed at young people who completed secondary education and wish to perform University studies, and 18-29 year olds not currently studying or working.
During the program, young people with limited resources, seeking to continue their university studies, will receive a scholarship of 2 thousand 400 pesos. The scholarship program will be in charge of the Secretariat of public education.
Young people between 18 and 29 years old who wish to receive training and mentoring in the workplace will receive 3 thousand 600 pesos a month up to a year. This program will be in charge of the Ministry of labour and Social Welfare (disappearance).
Work scholarship program applicants can register on the page of young people building the future where they will indicate the registration centre closest to which must go personally. In the Centre, after providing information on age, education level, interests, and place of residence, system will suggest available work centers, which those interested can go after ten working.
Note: Verify that Facebook pages that disseminate Government information are the officers and they have the logo (or green dove) in their profiles.
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