translated from Spanish: Raquel Argandoña criticized Carolina Arregui said about his salary by: «if I feel bad, go and say that we do not do effective contract»

Raquel Argandoña and Patricia Maldonado harshly reproached to Carolina Arregui in its program «without Limits»of agriculture radio, by the words of the actress in an interview where he said»and I’ve obviously gone to the channel because I feel that I am earning a salary that I do not deserve because I am not doing anything», referring to TVN projects in which she parti cipaba already ceased. The Panelist’s welcome was more criticism with the actress, since you said «if I feel bad, I’m going to channel and say that does not make the contract effective, do not continue paying me $4 million that says are you paying for not doing anything. «If she really feels bad, I say ‘ take this contract do not effective ‘, we break it and now they pay me nothing because I feel so bad that people say that I am getting this money». In the same vein, Patricia Maldonado said «if I pay me a salary and I am not working, that is not my problem, but channel that is not organized and did the program, because to me I hired. Did the program, I have to pay just because maybe I could have lost an opportunity as good or better than that. Now, really, I feel like the Reverends… go and give the contract, but if not… «.»

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