translated from Spanish: Red alert in Arica: found body of victim product of the overflow of the Acha River

The police confirmed the discovery of a body that would correspond to a man who disappeared in the early hours on Friday, after the Acha River overflowing, product of the weather event affecting the zo North na of the country.
The Mayor of Arica, Gerardo Espíndola, had announced that there was only a missing person after the overflow of the flow, causing serious damage in the area.
The authorities reported that the number of evacuees continued to 1200 people, while it still stands the red alert since heavy rains for tomorrow are expected.
Government confirms support to Arica “We will repair and rebuild all damaged,” announced the Minister of the Interior, Andrés Chadwick, after the disaster happened in the North of the country.
While the holder of the portfolio has just started its holiday, pledged to help those affected in the area of emergency and said that “they will not be alone”. On the other hand, confirmed that it will be in constant communication with the Undersecretary Rodrigo Ubilla, who was deployed in the field.
After a tour, under Secretary gave a diagnosis of what happened. “Clearly what we have today is a road connectivity problem. We have gone through several streams, we have cuts on the way, significant road cuts,”he said.
With respect to the rains that are expected, added that “allows us to keep the alert red (in Arica and Parinacota) until you pass this second front of rain.” We believe that we have to continue as we have done in the last 20 hours with all agencies of the State in the service of the community working proactively.”
The arrival of the Deputy Minister of public works, Lucas Palacios, who will have the mission along with his team, restore connectivity in the area is confirmed for this Saturday.

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