translated from Spanish: Solidarity into question

while on his recent visit to Sinaloa Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the President of the Republic, gave vote of confidence to the Governor of the State and even called him an excellent agent, cause surprise that not him you have given the green light to the laws of compensation and austerity that promotes AMLO as a fundamental part of the fourth transformation in search of a positive change in the country. 
Since December 31, 2018 at the local Congress passed both laws, but the past 16 January overcame the legal deadline so that the Executive to publish them in the official journal, which has been taken by the legislators, mostly by the brunette , as a veto on these proposals, because the Governor has not come out to give an explanation on why they decided to “freeze” both laws. 
Where the State Government remains in that position, now members aim to promote an initiative of law to suppress that faculty to the head of the Executive and a real separation of powers, is given as well as what lawmakers intend is that all what e llos approved in the lower House is published in the official State newspaper, no matter that the Governor is or not in accordance with the decisions taken.

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