translated from Spanish: Sport adventure in Chile: places that you can visit if you like adrenaline

The multiplicity of landscapes and territories of the country, allow the activities to adventure are varied. Since surfing in the waters of the Pacific Ocean, to seep through the snow of the Andes mountain range.
Then a list of eight places that you can visit if you’re a fan of these sports.
Sandboard in the Cerro Dragon not only has beaches to enjoy. Looks over one of the world’s largest urban dunes in the East of the city. Dragon Hill, with 350 meters of height, is ideal for those who are lovers of adrenaline, since it can reach up to 70 km/hr slipping on a sand table in these hills.

In the center of Iquique is easy to find tourism companies that have plans to do sandboarding. These agencies take you to the place and even teach you to skate on the sand.
Mountain Bike in San Pedro de Atacama-one of the most visited places in our country is San Pedro de Atacama. The desert and its surreal landscapes make it a major focus of tourism. One of the most visited places is the famous Valley of the Moon, that for those who are fans of extreme sports can go biking and strolling along the paths that this occurs.

The mountain bikes you can rent in the Centre of the village and you can use them for the whole day.
Paragliding on the central coast beaches of the fifth region are ideal for this sport. Flying over the mountains and the coast of Concón, Maitencillo, Zapallar or Algarrabo is a great scenario for those who enjoy sports adventures.

You can go paragliding you can visit these places and look for an agency that works with this experience there or by searching the internet, since most of them manages web sites.
Snowboard in Portillo inside of the impressive Andes mountain range in the commune of the same name is Portillo. This place is a perfect destination for snowboarding during the winter season. On this site you can lease items for this sport and if you want to learn, there is a ski school that prepares children and adults for slipping on the snow.
Bungee in the cajón del Maipo South of the metropolitan region is located the cajón del Maipo. This natural sanctuary is very visited by tourists and people escaping from the city hustle. If you like extreme sports, this place is right for Bungee jumping.
To be able to throw of the bridges that cross the river Maipo, you can search on the internet, since there are many agencies that offer this experience.
The prices border between 30 and 35 thousand pesos per person.
Surfing in Pichilemu waves of the beaches of Pichilemu are known worldwide by its immensity. Therefore, surfers and lovers of the waves arriving from different parts of the world to enjoy the coast of the sixth region.

If you like this sport, but you have never practiced it, go to Pichilemu, since the surf schools teach where to wander the waves abound in this area.
Rafting in Fuy River to the interior of the region of Los Ríos and is adjacent to the Argentina Puerto Fuy. This belongs to the commune of Panguipulli town stands out for its streams crystal clear rivers, making it a perfect destination for those who love the adrenaline.

Rafting on the rivers of Puerto Fuy you have to visit the town of Neltume, which is world biosphere reserve, Huilo Huilo biological reserve is located in their territories. Here you will find various tourist agencies offering to navigate the waters of the river Fuy.
Trekking in the volcano Villarrica climb to the crater of the Villarrica is possible. Although this volcano was erupting during the 2015, according to Sernageomin data alert level now is green which is the lowest in the scale.

This snowy 2847 metre high climbing is a great challenge and if you are one of those people who are lovers of nature and outdoor sports, this can be a great panorama.
To upload you should have clothing and necessary clothing, in addition to a guide who knows the way. For that, you can visit the communes of Pucón and Villarrica and the nearby towns as Lican Ray, where you will find many tourist companies which offer this tour.

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