translated from Spanish: Steffi Méndez undressed and wrote hard messages in your body against those who criticize the

“coward of shit that you hide behind a keyboard: Yes, everyone has the right to say, but where is the limit that you start to make dan” or? “, it was the hard message wrote Steffi Méndez Instagram account. His words relate to the various attacks that the daughter of DJ Méndez, ensures receiving through their social networks. Therefore, decided to accompany his criticism with a photo shoot, where in addition to appear nude, he wrote about his body a series of phrases showing their outrage. “What can it endure? Is it normal to have at times afraid to open my social network? Afraid to meet with anonymous messages? “You don’t hunt,” “you have to have pig leather” I… do not numb me, I want to continue to be a normal human being. How do normalizes a criticism? Because I don’t have a bad day or a bad side? “, continued wondering.” And that, he insisted that he was victim of a series of situations that have made this question and also questioning those who follow it. “I want to be myself, all day, everyday and wherever you are. I am Steffi Méndez, am Mendez, am the daughter and sister. Do I say that “skinny or fat fuck” to the face? I would say that “flaite culia” to face? “, he topped.

Original source in Spanish

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