translated from Spanish: The AMIA reported that he will not withdraw the lawsuit against Cristina Kirchner

A through an official statement signed by the President of DAIA, Jorge Knoblovits, the political representation of the Jewish community announced that “does not intend of des” istir”of the lawsuit against the former President of the nation, in the court case by the signing of the memorandum between Argentina and the Islamic Republic of Iran. The text reported this Friday is in response to a letter sent to that institution by the AMIA. “We believe that keep that complaint is detrimental to the community in general, and in particular affects the AMIA in their specific management,” stated the message of the Association Mutual Israelita Argentina.Los members of the Board of Directors of AMIA indicated that “to desist from this lawsuit against the Senator and former President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, as well as repair a grave mistake of the previous management, DAIA will begin to take away from a cause which is in the Centre of the famous fissure that divides most of the” rgentinos, which by the way does not represent us”.

DAIA “do know that does not intend to withdraw from the above-mentioned complaint, but that the case shall be referred to consideration of all its subsidiaries and participating institutions in the country,” said the statement signed by Knoblovits.mas early, during an interview radial, the President of DAIA had been upset by the diffusion of the Charter with the order of the AMIA. 
“I understand that there is a political motivation of the AMIA, but it really is striking when they presented this letter”, stressed the President of DAIA.

“With regard to the Bill of prosecution in the absence, the AMIA said that his opposition, the DAIA is currently analyzing its implications and scope,” said the statement signed by Knoblovits. And concludes: “the delegation of Argentine Israelite associations, longs for, as it has always done, continue building a Jewish community United, open to dialogue, respecting the duties and institutional missions”. In this note: AMIA DAIA Memorandum with Iran

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