translated from Spanish: The challenge of Ossandón right by the Frei Montalva case: «Keep making the same mistake of always»

The reactions of the Presidents of the UDI and RN, Jacqueline Van Rysselberghe and Mario Desbordes, once known the fault for the murder of the former President Eduardo Frei Montalva, continues to cause controversy.
The phrase, calling «wait for the following instances» judicial, angered the Christian Democrats, whose President Fuad Chahín questioned that both leaders split shafts of the Coalition ruling, instead of leaving to condemn the assassination, they kept «a silent accomplice, it kept during all the years of the dictatorship while human rights were violated».
But perhaps the toughest criticism came from the same ranks of Chile are going and ran on behalf of Senator RN Manuel José Ossandón.
The parliamentarian was emphatic: «we cannot close the eyes, nobody in Chile can relativise the killing of a President. There are still committing (Vamos Chile) the same error. sentence is a fact of this magnitude must be transverse and a sentence of this kind can be denied.»
Ossandón remarked if the reaction of President Piñera, who recorded a video to react to the resolution, noting that the President «without removing any calculator policy condemned the fact and was consistent with what he did for several years: indict is before the» first signs that had that this had been a murder».
Before the doubts of the right, the Senator also added there are six convictions for this crime, «then here there can be no double readings: there is more as a country that regret and accompany the family in pain and continue the search for the truth».
Should be recalled that from the pro-Government sidewalk, react once known the decision of Minister Madrid was first Ossandón, through an ensaje on Twitter pointed out where the sentence represents a «consolation for a sad fact, a crime dictatorship, by thinking «different, driven by an ideology that we wouldn’t want to see more in Chile #justicia».

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