translated from Spanish: Trailer dragging two cars, reported seven people injured, in Uruapan

Uruapan, Michoacan.-five teachers who had participated in the blockade of railroads in Caltzontzin, were returning to their places of origin, in the Canada of eleven people, When he suffered an accident in the place known as “Curve of the devil”, to be struck by a trailer loaded with wood which overturned; a minor who was with them, as well as the trailero, also suffered injuries, but not in consideration.

The accident took place at about five in the afternoon on Thursday, when coming from Angahuan, circulated a trailer Kenworth, yellow, 861-EH-7, loaded with several tons of wood cracked, and led by Francisco G., 42 years of age.

Arriving at the curve of the devil, ten kilometers before Uruapan, heavy unit turned on its right side and skidded on the floor several meters; in its path, impacted a Nissan, Tiida, grey, auto plates PGA-101-K, carrying five teachers and the juvenile.

They are, Alexander C., 36, Carapan neighbor; Ma. Of the Rosario P., 40 years and her daughter Ma. Guadalupe M., 2 years, residents of Ichan; Matilda A., 34-year-old, neighbor of Acachuen; Elisa Reyna, and Reynaldo.
Five teachers, the child and the driver of the trailer, suffered slight injuries, were channeled to the Issste for their medical evaluation. The other car is a Ford Focus type, cherry, plates PJF-164-F, which ended dump to one side of the road, without injured.

The teachers belong to the CNTE, are ninth indigenous sector of the DI-III, the “cuauhtemoc” primary school, morning, shift of the community of Acachuen, municipality of Chilchota.

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