translated from Spanish: “Vaginal Orange”: Cubillos and Pla Ministers reproached academic of the University of Antofagasta sexism

Once met a video made by the Professor of the University of Antofagasta, Elíseo Martínez, with high content sexist, the Ministers of education, Marcela Cubillos, women and gender equity, Isabel Plá, condemned the academic, acting who c omparo in the registry an orange with a vagina and in turn explained how stimulates a woman.
“There are internal to performing in College summaries, but seems especially severe what has become known: apart from the investigation of a professor who incurs such and sexist action or violence, at the same time there are scholars such as that you have seen” Today, coming out to defend it that way”, said Minister Cubillos.
On the other hand, the Minister Isabel Plá referred to the rules that you must follow University stating that “standards that now exist, are the obligation of having protocols for prevention and punishment of sexual harassment and harassment at work, and a minimum floor of respect to all the” students, in particular to students”.
Audiovisual material featuring Martinez looks for support to his counterpart, Mario Esparza, who is in the process of indictment for sexual harassment and sexist language.
The Professor tries to defend his colleague in a way unusual, normalizing acts sexist and arguing that there are feminist referring that way on the subject.
The Education Minister also announced that he will notify the institution of higher education, requesting explanations for what happened.

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