translated from Spanish: Authorities seize drugs on the street value of 2mdd in Arizona

Arizona-Detectives of the Office of Sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona, along with border patrol agents, seized most of 220 pounds of methamphetamine and marijuana 3,500, with a value estimated at $ 2 million U.S. streets, authorities said today. Loading was confiscated in Gila Bend (Arizona) area the night of Jan. 30, with the help of the Group of suppression of drugs of Maricopa County (MCDST, for its acronym in English). Detectives found two trucks that avoided a border patrol checkpoint and drove to a deserted area with the lights of the cars. 

On the road where they were trucks deployed devices to deflate neumaticospara and avoid a possible flight vehicles. Once punctured tyres, both trucks are immobilized. Four Latino suspects tried to flee on foot through the desert, but detectives are coordinated with border patrol agents and air support. Three of those involved were arrested. The vehicles, loaded with packages of methamphetamine and marijuana, had been stolen and had fake plates. According to an official statement issued by the Office of the Maricopa Sheriff, three detainees were identified as José Jaime García López, Yoni Ontiveros towers and Rubén Espericueta Jiménez, who were processed in Phoenix, Arizona.» This seizure is an example that the demand for drugs continues to be an epidemic in the country,»said in the statement the Sheriff of Maricopa, Paul Penzone.
«Illegal drugs are the most shocking trigger violence, crimes and gang activity that continues to affect our communities and our families, we are steadfast in our commitment to maintain the line of Defense», said.

The seizure occurs a few days after that of the area of Nogales, also in Arizona, border patrol intercepted which was called a «historic» shipment of fentanyl travelling inside a truck of freight, with 252 pounds (114 kilograms) of drugs in the border with Mexico. 

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