translated from Spanish: Frei Ruiz Tagle continues its communicational deployment failure on crime his father: «Always have recognized that my sister Carmen had a key role»

«For me, it wasn’t easy to take all that we have known in recent years», with this sentence the former President Eduardo Frei Ruiz-Tagle said the distance between his position and the of his sister, Carmen Frei, who from the beginning said that the death of his father, the also exmandatario Eduardo Frei Montalva, was a homicide.
And it is that Frei Ruiz-Tagle, following the ruling of the judge Madrid, opted for a statement in the Frei Montalva Foundation, where was broken and visibly excited voice.
But despite their deployment, in opposition and the interior of the DC resent the null initiative of the former President by clarifying the death of his father, and estimate that it left «alone in this task» to her sister.
«Always I’ve acknowledged that my sister Carmen had a key role in this process. «She was the first to assume the thesis of the murder… costs and hurts to accept so much cruelty, so much cruelty and so much hatred», said in an interview with La Tercera, who was President between 1994 and 2000.
In his view, in the ruling are not accredited political responsibilities, that, «as I said last Wednesday, is one of the outstanding tasks that lie ahead. But, can anyone believe that this crime is the result of these convicted six rave? «, wondered the Uribe.
«We all know that Frei was feared by the dictatorship because only he could unite and lead an opposition that began to rearticulated, and, in addition, enjoyed a solid reputation abroad, where on more than one occasion denounced violations of human rights that they occurred in Chile. Obviously, I have no doubt that the hand of the highest authorities of the era is behind this crime,»said a convinced Frei Ruiz-Tagle.
«Everyone knows who they are-» he added. «I don’t see any of those persons holding positions in the current Government. Notwithstanding that, I have always believed that right must make a profound reflection on the role that served in the dictatorship. They owe an explanation to the country», he said.
The fourth child of seven Frei Montalva had with his spouse María Ruiz-Tagle claims to have «mixed feelings».
«First an immense pain to note that it was certain the conviction that I trained for many years with respect to the crime of my father, but at the same time satisfaction because he did justice. In addition, I believe that this is a landmark ruling that is good for Chile, for the murder of a former President of the Republic, an assassination, may not remain in impunity, as well as further cases of human rights violations», it said.
Frei Ruiz-Tagle ended the interview by pointing to that this is only a first step and «we are convinced that the path that is going to be very hard».
» Already these days we are beginning to see in the press, mainly written, attempts to discredit the ruling and the work of the Madrid judge. For us it is not anything new. They are the same forces that operated for nearly twenty years so that no investigation into the death of President Frei, balking the truth came out not in the light,»he said.

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