translated from Spanish: I do not accept intimidation from anyone in the fight against the huachicol

city of Mexico.-the President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, said that with the fight against the theft of fuel is over the business of the so-called ‘huachicole’ in the country, and made it clear that in this topic does not accept intimidation from anyone.
“The business, for the above, is run out of the business and I do not accept intimidation from anyone,” said the federal President, who said that with the fight against the crime of theft of hydrocarbons, corruption and impunity, is being given on the nail.
On tour in this entity, where gave resources of the seeding life program, recalled that the theft of fuel involved last year losses by 65 billion pesos, but “I said just the huachicol has just been up and down”, with what may be savings of up to 40 1 billion pesos.
He asserted that the ‘huachicoleo’ took root and even became customary, “because they gave to the poor people that filled containers of 20 litres or 40 litres, while the above had Thomas clandestine in wineries, stored fuel and gasoline and had pipes distribution”.
The federal executive said that it has considerations by people, who by necessity had to do that, “by the circumstances”, however there will be no need to carry out these practices because the people you will be dealt, there will be work and welfare.
On the other hand, Lopez Obrador said that new labour policy will end with the “Union charrismo” and leaders will be elected by secret vote of the worker.
Responding to the question from a citizen about what they would do with the oil leader Carlos Romero of Champs, the federal President proposed trade union democracy, vote free and secret.
In the event where became symbolic delivery of the seeding life and youth programs, building the future and made it clear that the federal Government has no preferred or leading unions preferred workers will choose their leaders in a democratic manner, “for It is not there also making grid thinking you will get one and I’m going to get another, the Trade Union charrismo not ended”.

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