translated from Spanish: Moon, “Enamorándo us”, reappears provocative and sensual Moon Panditas

exparticipante of the reality show “Falling in love with us”, disappeared from the evening to the morning without saying anything, and there was to who came to Dela for dead, since I didn’t have any signs of life.
The young Moon Panditas reappears in social networks, and does so with a provocative and sensual image. Moon Panditas became one of the most controversial characters of the program “Falling in love with us”, as in 2018 came to light the whole truth after his participation in the broadcast, which was accused of “ratera” (because supposedly took the makeup of ‘Popotitos’) and the worst of all was when they discovered that he bashed through against the project.
To the surprise of many, broke you the contract on its face, and angry, left the show. But “Falling in love with us” not measured the damage that did to Mauren, his real name, and version which stated that it had removed life emerged in social networks. This intensified because not returned to know more about it, although it later emerged that in fact he had taken awhile alone to assimilate all the scandal that was put together.

One year of that controversy, Moon reappeared in his profile of Instagram and with extremely sexy photos. It looks renewed, dropped weight and even blonde hair was stained to look more attractive.

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