translated from Spanish: Murdered shot officer from Lagos de Moreno

Guadalajara, Jalisco.-Martin Heriberto Lara, director of Census and licenses of Lagos de Moreno, was gunned down yesterday afternoon, upheld the Prosecutor’s Office of the Estado.De agreement with reports police, f EU in streets of the municipal seat of Lagos de Moreno was recorded where the aggression against the official. The facts would have occurred approximately at 18:00 on Friday and, according to unofficial sources, Martín Heriberto Lara traveled aboard a white pickup truck. After the shooting, the vehicle finally step onto the sidewalk and crashed into a pole, right in front of some homes in the center of the Municipio.La police from lakes of Moreno reported that a unit of services requested after receiving several reports of aggression municipal physicians to provide support to the injured. However, emergency medical technicians only could confirm the death of the director of Padrón and Moreno.Aunque Lakes licenses was unofficially reported that another individual died in the same acts, the authorities reported no more than the death of the officer. On the aggressors were not data, such as physical properties and how they fled the site.

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